Awesome FREE stock photo sites

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Websites and in particular, blog sites,  need photography to make them ‘pop’, and attract readers.

Photos can be expensive to buy from stock photo sites – so here are some free options:


Stock xchng has been a mainstay for my free stock photo supplies for years. Just check the usage restrictions before you go downloading images: sometimes you might have to credit the owner. You will need to create a free account and login to download full resolution images.


Sometimes morguefile has some great images, but it’s a good place to go keep in your favourites to have a look. You never know!

THREE: Flickr Creative Commons

Technically, this isn’t a stock photo website, but the images are free. Make sure that you read the restrictions on image use before you go browsing for photos. Some require attribution (at the bottom of your post, credit the author and link to their Flickr page) Some will not allow you to use photos to sell a product, or others to alter their images in any way.

Attributing Ownership of photos

There are a couple of ways to do this. But the easiest way is to simply add some text and a link at the bottom of your blog post. (see below). Alternatively, when you insert an image into you blog post, like I have, you can insert the link as a caption of the image:

 Image: <a href=””>moonlightbulb</a>\

Now get searching!


Image: Moonlightbulb


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