Imagine your business is a person that you met at a function. What would they look like and how would they sound? What would they wear and what would they arrive in? Would they be polite and distant, or friendly and casual? Would they be smart and wise, or humorous and likeable?

Branding is not just a logo. It’s the feel, the impression, the mood of all of your communication with clients, and the ‘feel’ of all your marketing messages.

Adam Designs uses the following steps to determine and create your branding:

  1. Great branding starts with great questions I send you my Marketing Questionnaire for you to chew over and come back to me. This is a reflective exercise for some, with some thought provoking questions about where you are, where you want to be, and what’s stopping you.
  2. Coffee, costing and completion date The central component of this is coffee. We meet, and chat over your answers and come up with a plan and scope of what you need.
  3. Market research and strategy What kind of market place are you entering? If it’s crowded (and it likely is) then how can we position your business apart from your competition? What are your competition saying, and what should you be focussing on in your communication?
  4. Brand personality and point of difference This is a report outlining your proposed brand ‘personality’ and your point of difference that will be used in marketing and client communications.

Sit down with Adam Designs and lets work out what personality, look and feel your branding should have.