Five tips to improve your Google Ranking (SEO)

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SEO, Google RankingYou and everybody else wants to be up the top of the Google pyramid.This calls for search engine optimization. (or SEO)

Generally, people create their website and are disappointed when it’s not on the first page of the search engine results. This is understandable, but a quality ranking takes time to build.

Here are five great tips to get you started:

ONE: Decide on your keywords

This is huge. You can’t hit be in the top 10 for every keyword search on the internet, so choose a few. Using Google Trends you can compare searches to work out what are the most popular keywords searched for regarding your product or service. You might not always go for the more popular one (there will be more competition) but it helps when deciding. Ultimately, ask yourself; “what would I be searching for to find my product?”. Think about problems that your service or product can help fix, similar products or services (interior decoration > interior design) and the types of searches your target audience would make – perhaps not even looking for you. If you sell kids boutique clothing, think about other items that affluent mums would search for.

TWO: Use your keywords throughout your site

Once you have your keywords (no more than 5 to begin with) include them in the text and titles of your blog posts, the tags and categories of your blog site and the meta tags of your site. Use alt tags on your images (these appear when you hover over your image) – but make it relevant and don’t repeat them unnecessarily or Google will demote you rather than promote.


There is no better way for Google to ‘up’ your site on it’s scales than by blogging regularly about your products/services and industry. You can focus a post on a different keyword to maximise the exposure Google will give it. But don’t annoy your audience, add value to them. Give them tips and tricks, not marketing messages and offers.

FOUR: Links pointing to your site (Backlinks)

Google rewards websites that are well connected. So be involved in community sites that are relevant to your product or service. Generally these places don’t like being taken advantage of for self promotion, so be careful you don’t annoy prospective clients in the process! Link to those posts in return, to maximise Google’s attention to them.

You can always talk to a blogger with a large audience, offering a prize to them in exchange for a write up and link to your business. That way you both win.

Use social media to share your blog posts, and list your company on online directories. Comment on other people’s blogs with your website in the footer.

FIVE: And lastly: Submit your site-map to Google

Google Webmaster is a great tool for tracking your SEO progress against the keywords you are targeting. You can submit your site map to Google, to make crawling easier and faster and improve your ranking. There are plenty of tools that will help you create the XML file required for this, but this one works well.

Visit Google Webmaster regularly to see how your keywords are progressing.


Happy optimizing. 🙂


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