Juxtaposition : Creative Block Remover

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Used under creative commons licence. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24915773@N02/

An idea can change the world.

Juxtaposition positions two seemingly unconnected ideas or images next to each-other to create a new idea. This is helpful if you’re stuck in a creative rut, combine your problem with another problem or concept. It’s sometimes useful as a curve ball to get creativity flowing again – even if the answers you arrive at are silly and of no use. What will you arrive at?


let’s see some examples:


Bats + Men. Batman. Ok, that one was obvious, but what about blind men who scream at people to hear? Or bats in business suits? That’s quite visual but are interesting perhaps, without being answers in themselves. But what about a real life marketing problem, you need an idea for marketing your children’s clothing line:

Selling children s clothing+ fertiliser. What? At first glance this seems stupid. Some fertiliser is made of chemicals. Create a problem for people for which they need your clothes – maybe your cotton is 100% chemical free. (natural dyes) Fertiliser helps organic things grow, maybe you can source organic cotton – sell that feature. “Organic clothes for organic kids”. Natural fertiliser is of course, animal excrement. Shit. A bit brave, but “s**t happens. (company name) remains”.

These might not fit your target – so brain storm for as long as the ideas flow – and then switch to another topic.

Now go get creative.


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