Marketing is your business talking to your prospective clients.

Marketing is like ‘picking up’ in a bar. You’ve got seconds to grab attention, then convince them, win them over and seal the deal; start a mutually beneficial long term relationship.

What you say, how you say it, and where you say it are very important. Adam Designs can help your business find its voice in a crowded room.

  1. Grab their attention If you’re going to “pick up” customers in your market place. You have to look attractive. Attractive advertisements. Attractive branding. Attractive products. But most of all – it needs to cut through the “marketing haze” that has desensitised your potential customers. Loud, bold and sometimes controversial campaigns can help with this. Like in our bar scenario, sometimes, we have to be brave and take some calculated marketing risks to grab attention. Adam Designs can help.
  2. Convince them If you’re boring or have nothing to offer your customers, they will lose interest and find another company or product to woo them. Attracting attention only works if there’s something interesting to keep their attention focussed on your and your product. We create interest through letting the customer know your product / service features, points of difference and that you are safe to deal with. Good copywriting convinces many customers to switch to your corner, or start the journey.
  3. Win them over If you have their attention and have convinced them that you are interesting. Congratulations. You’ve reached the friend zone. But unless you win their heart, you’ve lost the battle for their business. Good marketing creates desire. This is about meeting needs, and personal benefits – not about listing features. This is the most crucial element in marketing; does it move them to purchase.
  4. Seal the deal You exchange numbers, get to know each other, become an important part of each other’s lives. If you treat them right and keep giving them what they want, they eventually may become loving, loyal customers who rave about you to their friends. Marketing needs a call to action. A click. A phone call. A landing page. A Facebook competition page – something where they can act on their desire to start a relationship.

Of course, not all relationships work, but it’s about maximising potential, and removing road blocks for people. Good marketing will only sell a bad product once, it’s not a panacea for all your business problems; but Adam Designs can help you:

  • Social Media marketing & strategies
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Google Adword campaigns
  • All print advertising and marketing
  • Website Landing pages with lead capturing
  • Tracking and reporting

Convinced? Contact us to find out more.