Branding: Tiffins Cakes & Pastries

Branding: Tiffins Cakes & Pastries

Tiffin: a light meal, normally eaten in the afternoon

Hannah is a young and passionate pastry chef with big dreams and delicious creations. Hannah came to me with an idea in its infancy; not even with a registered business name. We talked, and I threw around some marketing ideas, advice on social media and a marketing strategy; she gave me some colours and we went from there. An ABN, business registry, several months and a lot of baking later – Tiffins was born, printed and looking tasty!

Project Highlights

  • Marketing Strategy using social media, blogging and word of mouth
  • Social Media strategy
  • Business Card creation and design
  • Logo and Branding creation

Looking for delicious cakes and pastries? You can contact Hannah here

Image ©zigazou76

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