Reverse your marketing problem :Creative Block Remover

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An idea can change your life.

Sometimes a problem needs to be reversed in order for a solution to present itself…reverse

Stuck on ideas for a problem? After trying to solve it and getting stuck: How would you go about doing the opposite? How would you oppose someone trying to fix your problem?

Say you want to get people to sign up for your company newsletter, and they’re not. You’ve tried working out a solution and you’re stuck. If you ask a different question, you may get closer to the answer.

Why not ask instead, “why would people want to leave my list” or “how can I stop people signing up to my list”, or “how do I make my list undesirable”.

This can get you out of your old way of thinking and into a new one. Maybe the solution is making your list exclusive, so that not everyone can join. Create some urgency to join.

Or you could suddenly discover that there are some undesirable elements in your sign up, or positioning of your list already there, that will help you make a change.

Again, it’s about shifting your thinking out of the rut of the ordinary by asking better questions.

Happy marketing.


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