Welcome pages and SEO

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In the early days of the internet, welcome pages were as popular as the Spice Girls.

What’s a welcome page? It’s a page with little content except for a “welcome to our site” message, an image and a few buttons to click on to give you access to the site. Big companies (like Coca Cola and Nike) didn’t really need to be visible in Google – people knew where to find them.

Welcome pages are bad for SEO, and bad for your Google ranking, and they annoy people. Why would you make time poor people have to work to find the information they are looking for? It makes no sense to me, and more importantly it makes life hard for the Google robots crawling your site.

Don’t do it. Feed the Google robots lashings of text rich content on your home page, served with alt tags on all your images with a side serving of meta tags…



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