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Avoiding rebranding pitfalls

Rebranding is often thought of as a sale-driving or marketing objective. But it’s so much more than that. Branding is…

B2B Branding: How it’s different

Almost all the branding talks, books and experts focus on business-to-consumer (B2C) branding. It’s sometimes difficult to look at the preferred examples…

On or off-brand? The West Coast Eagles’ new club song

What’s in a song? Well, surely words and notes; a tune and melody. But what about a brand? In the UK,…

Parents: The Forgotten User Group

There’s an app for everything from buying a house to booking a haircut. But who do app developers think of…

The ASIC rebrand cost… how much?

On rare occasions, my profession gets dragged into the media spotlight. This week, my colleagues and I were inundated with…

Bad UX Design Can Be A Deal Breaker

Maybe it’s just that life is too busy for delays. Maybe it’s my millennial nature, or that my life is…

5 Ways To Improve your User Experience

User experience is about being curious, asking a lot of questions and challenging assumptions. You can ask yourself these 5 things…

Practical Creativity for Problem Solving

It used to be true that creativity was confined to designers, copywriters, art directors and videographers. Businesses would hire a…

Give Your Online Brand A New-Years Clean

Humans can be a precocious bunch, especially when it comes to their perception of brands. Companies spend tens and sometimes…

The Australian Liberal Party: #BrandParty

Following our recent examination of Labor’s party branding, In my position as Senior Designer at Cannings Purple, Jamie Wilkinson and I investigate…

The Australian Labor Party: #BrandParty

In my position as Senior Designer at Cannings Purple, I investigated the roles that branding has played in Australian Politics…

User Experience: Potential PR Nightmare?

We live in a world in which even the smallest tweak to a user interface, from Apple’s new design for its…

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